Your Company’s Online Presence


Your reputation in the online community will impact your SEO, and your SEO can influence your online reputation. With this in mind, it’s important to know whenever your name comes up. You want to take steps to ensure that your presence helps you become a leader in your business’ field, rather than a low quality and spammy website.

There are several tools with which you can accomplish this goal, one of which is Google Alerts. This program allows you to set an alert for when specific keywords come up online. You can use this to keep an eye on what people are saying about your business, or even your competitors. If you’re being mentioned frequently and in a positive manner, your efforts have been successful.

Increased Social Media Engagement

There’s a definite value for SEO when your company has a strong, positive social media presence. If users are engaged with your brand on social media, which can be measured by commenting and sharing of your posts, that indicates that your brand is on their mind and you’ve developed a reputation of a leader in your field.

In terms of SEO, social media follows, likes, and shares can indicate how well your company and how well its content is trending online. This is another way for you to gather data that will help inform your online marketing efforts, since the kind of posts that do well can help you determine the kind of content that your target audience is most interested in.

In Conclusion: It Takes Time

Strong, organic SEO does not happen over night. As nice as this would be, the process of cultivating high rankings happens over time. If you are in need of faster results, you might want to consider including PPC (pay per click) marketing in your online strategy. But if you track your metrics and adjust your strategies accordingly, you can definitely expect good results, high rankings, and overall success. With measurement and proper adjustment of your organic SEO campaign, your goals will easily become within your reach, and you’ll become a trusted authority in your business’ field. It will be well worth the wait and the time you spend working on your campaign strategy.