How To Measure the Success of Your SEO campaign


In today’s digital world, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a highly important cornerstone of success for any business. Like any marketing technique, you’ll want to analyze the effectiveness of your SEO techniques and strategies to ensure that they are working well for you or come up with alternate ideas. The efficacy of your SEO campaign can be measured via various data metrics. These factors will give you an overall idea of how well your SEO campaign is working in addition to ways to improve specific aspects of your SEO campaign, and soon enough, you’ll be a ranking leader on major internet search engines and if doing it yourself isn’t what you are looking for then check out this highly recommended phoenix SEO company!

Programs for Measuring Your SEO Success

There are many different programs available to use to track your SEO metrics. You will need a program in order to begin analyzing the efficacy of your SEO campaign and overall efforts. Analytics programs are available from Google, Bing, and third party companies; they provide information such as location, devices, and other data. This information can help you when making website changes and improvements to influence your SEO, as well as determine the effectiveness of these changes. Common programs include Google Analytics, Bing tools, Adobe Marketing Cloud, and KISSmetrics.

Metrics to Track

    • Search Engine Ranking

One primary basis to determine the efficacy of your current SEO strategy is to make note of where your site ranks on Google, Bing, and other search engines. Your goal will likely be to have your site appear on the first page of results, since oftentimes people do not look beyond that first page. If your site ranking has gone up, that indicates that your current SEO strategy is working well; conversely, if your ranking has gone down or remained stagnant, you will likely want to reevaluate your SEO plan.

    • Changes in Your Traffic

One of the most common metrics used to measure your website’s SEO performance is traffic. Traffic refers to the total number of hits that your site is getting. If you use Google Analytics, you can look at the traffic your site is getting by visiting Acquisition > All Traffic > Source or Medium.

It’s important to look at traffic for several reasons. It can act as a clear measurement of how effective your current SEO tactic is working or not. If you get a significant surge of traffic a certain advertising campaign, you should do more of the same. Studying the traffic your site is getting is an easy way to get a broad overview of how well your SEO tactics are performing, or what you may need to improve or change.