Advanced SEO Measurement Explained


Visits Referred by Specific Search Engine Keywords, and Rankings

Keywords are an invaluable factor when determining the success of your SEO techniques. These are important to track regularly, since that can help you identify new search trends, determine your own performance, and see which terms are bringing in the most traffic and optimize your site for them.

Keywords are also directly related to your search engine ranking. Your ranking in the search engine results is highly important because more than 50 percent of users never move beyond the first page of results. Therefore, if your rankings go down, so will your traffic. Analysis of your keywords can help you determine the success of your ranking; consider the following factors: number of keywords that rank on page one, and the average page ranking of your keywords.

Landing Pages

Another essential metric for measuring the success of your SEO strategy is your landing pages, and the hits that they are getting. If you have Google Analytics, this can give you a report of the pages where visitors most frequently land when visiting your site. Knowing which of your landing pages are most successful is useful for several reasons. You can use this information to help yourself determine what changes to make to keywords and linking systems in order to improve your search traffic.

Which Landing Pages are Getting the Most Traffic

If your SEO campaign includes focusing attention on specific pages of your site, success can be measured in the increased traffic that these pages are receiving. If the campaign is working well, these pages will be receiving more traffic; if this number is stagnant or decreasing, you’ll likely want to do some reevaluating. What’s more, if you notice a trend of users landing on pages you haven’t optimized yet, consider focusing your campaign in that direction. You want the pages that visitors most frequently land upon to be the most relevant.

Domain Authority

The domain authority ranking refers to your website’s performance in comparison to that of its competitors. It’s a measure created by the SAAS company Moz, a well regarded authority in the field of all things internet marketing and SEO, and is associated with high search rankings and traffic. Factors that go into domain authority include the strength of your link profiles and website pages; scores range from 1 to 100, with 100 being the optimal authority.

Domain authority rankings are a valuable tool for measuring your website’s strengths against that of your competitor sites. It can also be useful in determining your website’s trustworthiness and credibility in the online community – sites that rank higher have a higher link profile, meaning that more people online trust them. Your site’s Domain Authority can be increased by focusing on creating quality content, a strong link profile, and getting rid of irrelevant back links to your site.